cost [kôst, käst]
cost, costing [ME costen < OFr coster < ML costare < L constare, to stand together, stand at, cost < com-, together + stare, to STAND]
a) to be obtained or obtainable for (a certain price); be priced at
b) to cause or require the expenditure, loss, or experience of [victory cost him his health]: orig. construed as a vi. with the apparent object an adverbial adjunct, and still felt as a vi. when used with an adverb [it cost him dearly]
2. costed, costing Business to estimate the cost of making, producing, carrying out, etc., as a product or program: often with out
Informal to be expensive
a) the amount of money, etc. asked or paid for a thing; price
b) the amount spent in producing or manufacturing a commodity
c) the amount paid for something by a dealer, contractor, etc.: a markup is usually added to arrive at a selling price [stoves sold at cost in a sale]
a) the amount of money, time, effort, etc. required to achieve an end
b) loss, sacrifice; detriment [to smoke at the cost of one's health]
3. [pl.] Law the expenses of a lawsuit, esp. those assessed by the court against the losing party
at all costs or at any cost
regardless of the cost or difficulty involved; by any means required: also at any cost

English World dictionary. . 2014.


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